Games on PlayStation 2 was the best-selling console of all time, and it reshaped gaming, home entertainment and popular culture.
It was the successor to the PlayStation and a sixth-generation video game console that competed with Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox.

The PS2 was also the first games console to come with a DVD player, which was bundled with the machine at launch and
competitively priced with standalone players of the era. This was a big deal for Sony, and it helped the console to transition from teenage bedroom to family living room.

Legend Of legaya

Legend Of legaya was one of the PlayStation’s lesser known JRPGs. Released in 1999, the game failed to capture the hearts of fans
and ended up getting lost in a huge shuffle of JRPGs that year (Grandia, Star Ocean 2, and Final Fantasy VIII among others).

The original Legend Of legaya was very hard, with countless random battles and a leveling system that made it near impossible
to play through without buying new equipment. The game’s story was a little cheesy, but it was a good adventure that kept you coming back for more.

There’s a lot to like about the game though, such as its interesting plot, great cast of characters, and an excellent combat system.
If you’re a fan of console role-playing games then it’s a very solid game.

Graphically, the game looks very good for its era. The character models are very detailed, and the animations are crisp and smooth.
The environments however, are not as well done. They’re not very colorful, and lack detail, but they look good enough for most people to be satisfied with.

The soundtrack of Legend Of legaya is also very good, with tracks from a number of composers. Including Yasunori Mitsuda,
Hitoshi Sakimoto, and Michiru Oshima. The music runs the gambit, from catchy and upbeat to slow and depressing, but most of the tracks are quite good.


Kay is a PlayStation 2 game about a young cat warrior who tries to save his village from gorillas and rats.
The game combines classic Jump and Run elements with an immersive story driven adventure.

The protagonist Kay is an apprentice in martial arts training under his Master. However, emperor Shun,
king of the gorillas invaded Kay’s village and destroyed it. On his quest to protect his fellow animals,
Kay must travel across the island of Peng-Lai and uncover the secrets that lie in the volcano fortress of emperor Shun.

Combat in Legend of Kay is fast and responsive, using Square and Circle buttons for primary attacks and a variety
of items and items combos for more powerful attacks. Orange arrows appear on screen that indicate enemies and objects that Kay can attack next.

Aside from the standard weapons, Kay can also summon hornets to assist him in battle for 20 seconds.
They’re not as powerful as his moves, but they’re enough to break guards and eliminate weaker foes.

In addition, Kay can purchase Jade Armor sets to increase his life meter by 5 points, but those are very
expensive and they only last for a short amount of time. Luckily, Kay can find and use Life Containers which are essentially Hit Points for Kay.

There are lots of things to do and explore in this game, ranging from platforming, fighting, rescuing others,
and searching for treasure. The game is also well designed for quick play sessions thanks to its frequent save
points littered throughout the world, and the game features little to no load times.

Guitar hero

Guitar hero versi indonesia merupakan game PS 2 yang dijalankan oleh perusahaan bernama RedOctane.
Itu adalah game musikal paling populer dari tahun 2005 serta di bulan tahun 2006.

A player can play notes using the whammy bar, which alters the tone of the note to make it sound different.
In addition, a player can sustain notes by holding down the keys on each note for a long period of time to increase score.
Alternatively, a player can also hit hammer-ons or pull-offs.

These techniques are supported in all Guitar Hero games, and allow a player to play a series of notes in a row without strumming each note.
However, if you miss a hammer-on or strum where there is no note, you lose your multiplier.

The game’s HUD keeps track of your score and multiplier by a box to the left of the fretboard. If you hit 10 notes in a row,
you will receive a multiplier that doubles your score.

There are many versions of the game available, with each one featuring a different song list and gameplay style.
Some of the most popular include Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Metallica: The Video Game.
The game also features multiplayer capabilities, where up to four players can play together online.

Games on PlayStation 2 Guitar hero versi indonesia

If you’re a fan of video games that involve guitars, Guitar hero versi indonesia is an excellent game to try.
The game is a rhythm game in which players push colored buttons on a plastic guitar-shaped controller to match notes displayed on the screen.

The game features songs from bands such as Van Halen, Linkin Park, and Sublime.
It also includes a “boss battle” mode that pits guitarists against each other in battles.

There are many Guitar Hero games available for the PlayStation 2. The latest addition to the series is Guitar Hero World Tour.
It features songs from some of the biggest names in music, such as Van Halen and The Eagles.
It also adds the ability for two players to compete online in a cooperative mode, and allows for players to compose their own music.

Unlike previous Guitar Hero games, this game doesn’t feature a full guitar. Instead,
it has a small guitar peripheral with buttons on a fret board that match colors on the screen.

This means that you can play any song you want, but you won’t be able to play any songs from the original Guitar Hero games.
The game does come with a tutorial that will teach you how to strum the guitar and play different note colors.

The game is simple to play, and it does a great job of introducing players to the music genre. It has a good selection of songs,
and it’s even fun to play with other people in multiplayer.

Games on PlayStation 2 mega men X Mission

In Mega Man X Mission, players must use Mega Man to infiltrate the island of Gigantis and stop a rebellion from renegade Reploids.
Using a combination of seven playable characters – including Mega Man, Zero and Axl, along with five new characters – gamers must construct a three-member attack force to help stop the war from spreading.

The game also features a cross order system that lets players plan their attacks for each turn. This allows for much more strategic boss
battles where the player can steal enemy energy and finish off their opponents with a final strike attack combo, making each encounter even more exciting.

While the game doesn’t have a huge world to explore, it is more of a story-based RPG than a traditional action platformer
like most Megaman games. The levels are divided into multiple sections each ending with a boss battle.

As the game progresses, X, Zero and Axl recruit several Reploids to fight alongside them. These characters range from an
upbeat and courageous thief to a Reploid nurse who has healing abilities and can even help create force metals from items collected throughout the game.

The villains are a mixed bag too. Some are decent, such as Wild Jango and Mach Jentra who look like Neon Tiger from
Mega Man X3, while others are downright terrible. Sadly, they are all spitting images of previous Mega Man enemies, so it’s hard to feel much for them.

mega men 7 Games on PlayStation 2

Mega Man is back in Mega men 7, and this time he’s chasing after Dr. Wily!

With the help of his sidekick Rush, Mega Man travels across the globe to stop the mad scientist and his army. However,
after he beats Wily, he reveals that he had secretly hidden four new Robot Masters in his lab that would activate if he didn’t have contact with them for six months.

As a result, Mega Man must track down all of them to send Wily back to prison where he belongs! As he goes,
he will also meet two mysterious companions.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Mega Man 7 drops you into an introductory stage before giving you the chance to
choose from a selection of Robot Masters. This gives you a sense of the series’ roots and it’s interesting to note that all of the Robot
Masters in this game were designed by fans via a submission contest, much like Mega Man X did one year prior!

The game also adds a new level of gameplay depth, which was missing in the series until this point. Specifically, there are many
secrets in each of the stages that can be found only after you obtain certain Robot Master abilities. This concept is a little bit like
what Metroid did with branching paths, and it breathes new life into the series.