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Other Manning Links

Here some useful links for Manning researchers:

Old Dominion University library has a manuscript collection on the Hodges family. A central figure is General John Hodges for whom the Hodges Ferry bridge in Portsmouth is names. A connection to the Capt. Roger Hodges line is yet unknown.

Manning Message Board at Ancestry.com. An on-line message board for Manning family researchers. (This board can also be reached through RootsWeb. They are the same boards.]

Manning Message Board at Genealogy.com. Another Manning Family on-line message board.

RootsWeb.com. The main Manning research file is also found on RootsWeb. It might not always be perfectly synchronized with this site, but will be close. Use the general search engine on their home page.

The USGenWeb Project Norfolk County website. This site offers a miscellaneous collection of information on historic Norfolk County.

The Taylor Family Association has some interesting Manning data.

A BLOG by Steve Manning in Kentucky with a focus on our Norfolk County Mannings. He has not posted anything in the last year or so. Some interesting information, but generally lacking source citations.

Jim White in North Carolina has done some good work on the Mannings. See a compilation of primary sources on his web page. Jim offered the following:

Here are the conclusions I come to from the records I have seen about John Manning.

The earliest certain record is dated 1645 when he appears in the record with Thomas White. He married first wife name unknown about 1650 and she was the mother of his children who were born in early 1650s. This seems to be consistent with the Thomas White deposition in 1657 that talks about his children as they were 5-10 years old. He married second Lidia Richardson 1660, and he died by July 1669. Note also that the deed of Edward Norrington of 1672 seems to say that John Manning was the oldest son of John Manning since he inherited the real estate. Note also that after his death John Manning was young enough in 1674 to be working as a servant. I am not sure how old you could be and still become a servant, but I would think not much over 21?

Concerning the English origins of John Manning, possibly he was the same person listed as passenger on the Globe in 1635, and possibly the baptismal record in Cambridgeshire is also this same person, but I don't know that any of that is proven. My research about Thomas Manning of Nansemond County shows fairly conclusively that he was from Norwich, Norfolk, England. Also, due to several other connections I think that John Manning of Lower Norfolk was possibly related to Thomas Manning, and therefore related to the Norfolk branch of Mannings. Of course Cambridgeshire is adjacent to Norfolk so possibly all this fits together, ie he was born in Cambridgeshire and was a member of a branch of the Manning family of the adjacent county.

Some work by Bill Loudermilk on Thomas Manning (grandson of John Manning and Sarah Wattford) and his descendants.

Jolene and Garry Osmun have some information on early Mannings.

A Manning list by Bob Manning. No source citations, but hints for researchers. Starts with John Manning and wife Lydia Richardson. Leads to their grandson, Nicholas Manning. Last updated 1998.

An extensive Manning list by Bob Duggan. No source citations, so use as hints for research. Heavy on 11 generations before John Manning of The Globe, and on North Carolina Mannings.

 Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet. A massive directory of web sites and sources.