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Matthew Manning, Jr.

See this web page for descendants Matthew Manning, Jr. and his wife Mary Hodges. They were the parents of my grandfather's grandmother, Mary Ann Amelia Manning.

This is a complete genealogy of Matthew Manning, Jr. (1770-1837) and his wife Mary Hodges (1772-1820)

Mary Hodges was the daughter of Solomon and Keziah Hodges, all of Norfolk County and Portsmouth, Virginia.

Matthew and Mary were both descendants of the immigrant John Manning 1st and his wife Lydia Richardson. They were third cousins, once removed.

Matthew Manning, Jr. was a magistrate and Sheriff of Norfolk County.

His sons variously served as Sheriff, Member, Virginia House of Delegates, Commissioner of Revenue for Norfolk County. His children were poets.

Matthew's father was Matthew Manning, Sr. (1718-1798), as of yet, wife unknown. Matthew Sr.'s parents were John Manning (3rd) and Margaret Markham.

Matthew Manning, Sr., ... Died in 1798 Mr. Matthew Manning son of John Manning [and his wife Margaret Markham] in the 81st year of his age —He was for many years a Sailor on the wide and stormy Ocean and after passing through several wars and many hardships settled and died on Julians Creek in Norfolk County Virginia where his father and father’s father had lived and died before him — Peace to their bones and honor to their memories for they were the first pioneers of this mighty North American Continent and true old Virginians.
 (From the family bible of his granddaughter, Mary Ann Amelia Manning.)