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Mapping Projects

Several people have worked on mapping the various land grants and deeds of some of the Manning allied families, including Manning, Hodges and Whites. Check out the following:

  1. Jim White of Durham, North Carolina, has done some really useful work. His primary interest is the White family, but his map of the Elizabeth River area deeds shows surrounding allied families including Mannings and Hodges. See his web site for more of this high quality genealogy work.

  2. The Taylor Family Association has also published some mapping of land grants in the Julians Creek area. See their web site for more.

  3. Jim Hodges, a Hodges family researcher, has done some excellent mapping work, not yet published. Jim found a wonderful 1838 map in the Library of Virginia that located "Mannings Creek," referred to in several deeds. It is the key to properly locating various Manning and other properties in the Julians Creek area. (The creek no longer shows on modern maps because it was obliterated during the construction of the Gilmerton-Deep Creek Canal.)

  4. Mannington Map. Matthew Manning, Sr. and Jr. owed land "at the headwaters of Julian's Creek." Matthew Manning, Jr. left it to two of his sons. Mannington had been sold out of the family by the mid-19th century. Luckily, the succeeding owner caused a survey to be made in 1866. Thus we have an excellent map of "Mannington." (Cousin Rick Mathews found this map in Norfolk County records.)