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Early Mannings

The Manning Family
 of Norfolk County, Virginia

Portsmouth on the Elizabeth River 1860s.

A concerted effort is being made to compile a history of the Manning family using high standards of genealogical proof for conclusions and and source citations for all facts.

For now, we are concentrating on about the first three-four generations of Mannings which are of broad appeal to most Manning researchers.

Recent research has revealed new information about the wives of the first three "Johns."

In order of generations, the "Johns" were:

  1. John Manning, 1st-  (b. about 1615) who married Mary Whyte and then Lydia Richardson. John Manning arrived in Norfolk County on The Globe, in 1635.

  2. John Manning, 2nd-  (b. about 1650) who married Sarah Morton, widow of John Wattford.

  3. John Manning, 3rd-   (b. about 1685) who married Mary Rowse then Margaret Markham.

  4. John Manning, 4th-    (b. about 1707) who married Ann Deal.
    (See Matthew Manning, Jr. page for information about one of his brothers.)

This information is presented as a web site: Manning Family of Norfolk County, Virginia. It is a work-in-progress, and contains many research notes and comments. [Updated 7 January 2006.]

Please note, not all facts have been sourced yet. Many researchers have published without citing sources. We regard these as "leads" to be pursued by research.

Alternatively, for the time being, the research is also available as a pdf file. Right click here to download the read-only file. This file date is 10-6-2005. File size is 113K.