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Allied Families

This page contains research on a number of families allied to the Matthew Manning, Jr. family. (Grandson of John Manning and Margaret Markham.)

The Hodges Family of Norfolk County, Virginia. Matthew Manning's wife was Mary Hodges, daughter of Solomon and Keziah Hodges and a descendant of the immigrant Capt. Roger Hodges. See descendancy chart. Mary was also a descendant of the immigrant John Manning. She and here husband were third cousins, once removed. Our earliest record is of Capt. Rodger Hodges whose will was probated in 1708. See also the work of the Hodges Family Association. [Research updated 14 January 2006.]

The White Family of Portsmouth, Virginia, being the first two generations of the family of Mary Ann Amelia Manning's first husband, Edwin White who was born in England. See descendancy chart.

The Mathews Family of Portsmouth, Virginia. Matthew Manning's daughter Mary Ann Amelia married second, James William Mathews.
Here is a link to a special research web site on this family.

James William Mathews' mother was Barbara Smith, daughter of William Robinson Smith, perhaps part of the Accomack County Smiths. Here is a descendancy chart for her family.

The Morris family of Portsmouth, Virginia. James William Mathews had a sister, Susan Maria. She married John Edward Morris. Here is research on his family.

The Cassell Family of Portsmouth, Virginia. Beginning with Charles Cassell, USN. His grandson, Alexander William Cassell, USN married Mary Hodges Manning White, daughter of Mary Ann Amelia Manning and Edwin White. Much never-before-published research.

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