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"Of the Southern Branch"

  The Manning Families of the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, in the Norfolk, Portsmouth and Norfolk County (now City of Chesapeake) area of Virginia.

   A website to coordinate and present research on the various Manning families, all descendants of John Manning who immigrated to Tidewater on The Globe in 1635. See Table of Contents below. Research includes some information on the Hodges and other allied families.


A 1873 map of Portsmouth (left side of river) and Norfolk (right side.)

   All Manning family researchers are invited to contribute. See Contact Information.

Strict source citation criteria will be used.  If you cite this web site as a source, we suggest you do so according to Elizabeth Mills' book Evidence:
      Lynn Hopewell, Of the Southern Branch
, www.manningfamily.org. {date viewed.]

12-11-2005. An extract of important genealogical work on the Manning and Hodges families, full of research citations and deductive reasoning. When followed up, numerous changes will be made to the Manning and Hodges lines on this site. Stay tuned

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Table of Contents

The best way to look for a particular name is to go to the appropriate link below and look for a table of contents or a surname list. The overall narrative, complete with source citations will be seen by selecting the first report,
"The Descendancy of .......".

Current Research on Early John Mannings, Fall 2005. [New information, January 7, 2006.]
This research focuses on the first four generations of Mannings. It should be of the broadest interest to most Manning researchers,

We Cousins. Some of the best research on the Manning and Hodges families of Norfolk County is found in this somewhat obscure and hard-to-find book by Florence (Sutherland) Hudson.

Some Early Manning Sources, on the Southern Branch starting with John Manning who immigrated on the Globe, in 1635. By Glenn Manning of Suffolk, Virginia. This is a partial list of early Mannings with some leads to sources. As sources are confirmed or found, they will be incorporated into the Current Manning Research above.

View a Chart of the Early Generations of Manning descendants, beginning with John Manning of The Globe, who arrived in Norfolk on The Globe in 1635. Updated 7 January 2006.

Matthew Manning, Jr. Family. This is a complete genealogy of Matthew Manning, Jr. (1770-1837) and his wife Mary Hodges (1772-1820.) He was known as "Of the Southern Branch." He was a grandson of John Manning and Sarah Wattford. He was the great-great-grandfather of the author of this website. We know the most about his family. His daughter was the grandmother of Mathew Stewart Mathews.

Allied Families is a compilation of research on several families allied to the Mannings, including Mathews, Hodges, White, Cassell and Morris. [New research on Hodges family 27 November 2005.]

Other links leads to Manning family researchers' web pages and other useful links.

Mapping Projects. Several researchers are plotting deeds in the Elizabeth River and Julians Creek area. This is a special web page to coordinate this information. The maps are very helpful in identifying family interconnections. [New maps 10 December 2005.] Mannington, a Manning family home, has been found.

My Full Research Database. This is the source database for the Manning, Mathews, Hodges and allied families. Everything is here.